GOC358993-CHA-RFQ-Contractor - Contractor Services - Fire Alarm System Upgrade

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RFQ - Request for Quote

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Contractor Services - Fire Alarm System Upgrade

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Canada, Ontario, ON - 35 - Toronto

Job Location

2301 Midland Ave., Toronto



Dec 14, 2017 09:51 AM EST

Question Acceptance Deadline

Jan 03, 2018 02:00 PM EST

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

Jan 16, 2018 02:00 PM EST

Job-Walk Visit

Dec 21, 2017 02:00 PM EST

Contact Information

Rajesh Gupta




Statement of Work/Overview:

  1. Supply and Install new addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
  2. Supply and install new Main and Remote Anninciator Panels.
  3. Remove existing Fire Alarm Control and Annunciator panels. (in entire main and CCB buildings)
  4. Connect the building Fire Alarm devices and pre-action panels to new Fire Alarm Control Panel.
  5. Supply and install new Fire Alarm Horn Strobes as per drawings and connect to the Fire Alarm System.
  6. Supply and install all required equipment and material including wiring, conduit, junction box to provide a complete Fire Alarm system.
  7. Remove and cap all non-required heat or smoke detectors, remove associated un-used wiring. Remove all unused conduits in ceilieng space and cap all unused conduits in drywall.
  8. Update the power supply for Fire Alarm horns.
  9. Update drawings and ensure zones are all updated and addressed with heat detectors removed, power supplies are identified and locked, marked in red as per PWGSC requirements and ensure appropriate battery and emergency power connections are made.
  10. Replace all non-addressable initiating devices (pull station and detectors) with addressable devices (other specifications to remain similar).
  11. Provide Fire Watch to mitigate the fire risk duriung the period Fire Alarm System is off-line.
  12. Conduct Fire Alarm Sound Pressure level test for entire building and supply and install additional Fire Alarm Horns if required.
  13. The entire system to be verified by third party certified company.
  14. Install new detectors and horns as per drawings and connect to the new Fire Alarm Control Panel.
  15. Conduct testing the new Fire Alarm system with other existing systems in the facility as an integrated system as per ULC 1001 requirements.

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By submitting your response to this solicitation, your company agrees to provide, all documentation without modification as defined in this solicitation prior to award.
BGIS reserves the right to reject your proposal/submission/solicitation should we fail to receive the required documentation.

Pre-Bidding Events

  • Event Type

    Job-Walk Visit



    Event date

    Dec 21, 2017 02:00 PM EST


    2301 Midland Ave., Toronto

    Event Note

    1.1.Attendees must bring photo ID. The meeting will be held at:
    2301 Midland Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario
    M1P 4R7
    Meet in the lobby

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Electronic Bid Submission


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Bid Documents Documents defining the proposal Yes
Additional Bidding Instructions

All Proponents MUST arrive on time and MUST stay for the entire Mandatory Site Visit. Any Proponent that arrives late or does not stay for the entire Mandatory Site Visit Will be considered noncompliant.
In the event that less than three Proponents attend the site tour, BGIS may cancel the solicitation or schedule an alternative site tour.

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Required Qualification

Property Management Supplier Compliance (BGIS)